Automotive Restoration Insurance

We are looking at creating customised insurance that increases your cover as your project progresses, protecting your investment from loss or theft. We need to know how many people may be interested.


How it Will Work

Getting cover will be as simple as signing up and loading the information. Here is how


Register Your Project

Create an account on this site and register your project with us. You can have as many projects as you want (1 per vehicle). We cover motor vehicles and motorcycles


Add Your Invoices

Select the project and upload the paid invoices. As you add invoices, the required cover amount will increase. Only invoices from approved suppliers will be covered.


Review the Quote

We will provide an updated quote within 24 hours for the difference between your current cover and new cover. You can choose to accept or decline.

4 Good Reasons to Use this Product

Peace Of Mind

We cover all parts and components if purchased from the approved vendors list. Do you wish to become an approved vendor? Contact us. Its free.

Instant Cover

Once you are happy with the quote and accept it, you are instantly covered. We will then email you an updated insurance schedule and payment information.

Easy Claims Process

Suffered a loss? Register a claim on this portal against the project and we will immediately begin the process to review your request.

Defective Parts Support

If you purchased a part from one of our approved suppliers and it does not work as expected, we will help with the negotiation.

Comprehensive Build Protection

The service will not just be limited to cars. It can be motorbikes, boats and even campers or caravans. Any customisation should be covered.